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When your organization’s needs call for software infrastructure, library components, and web services that solve specific problems, Prolifogy’s advanced algorithmics team can help. From logistics to manufacturing calculations, data aggregation to data mining, optimization to formal validation and everything in between, our staff of Ph.D. experts in software, mathematics, and hardware are equipped to build robust software components that drive your organization and solve even the most challenging business problems.

Our algorithmics team is a technological software think tank, comprised of world-class computer scientists and software engineers. We specialize in solving never-done-before technology challenges, pushing the edge of existing software technology, and producing bleeding-edge results. If your organization uses old in-house algorithms or off-the-shelf products for making critical business decisions, chances are excellent that you can be doing better.

One aspect that differentiates our algorithmics service from other services is that it is a library of components rather than a full turnkey software solution. This flexibility and array of options allows you to keep and utilize your existing software systems, while replacing only certain components or tiers in order to solve the same problems as before—only faster, more accurately, or more reliably. These libraries may also include new technology that may be used by not just one but possibly multiple existing systems for more streamlined solutions.

Prolifogy works with your organization to learn its current business challenges as well as the technologies and software applications currently in place to solve those challenges. We provide a needs analysis, which details how existing systems may be improved and proposes one or more solutions that are likely to have significant business impact. Your organization determines which solutions to implement, and then our advanced algorithmic team goes to work.

For more information on how Prolifogy can help your organization stay ahead of the technology curve, contact us now via our web site or call us at (855) 776-5436 and ask about advanced algorithmic services.