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Buy, sell, license, or litigate? That’s the question on the minds of many patent portfolio managers. Many organizations engage attorneys or teams of in-house employees in an attempt to answer these questions.

In the end, however, an organization’s ability to collect royalties or win damages from a patent they own boils down to whether the patent is valid and whether another product in the marketplace infringes upon it. We can help you determine this. Prolifogy’s subject matter experts have expert witness experience in patent litigation and serve on the front lines of the battles between patent holders, infringers, licensees, or prospective licensees. As world-class experts in their fields, they have firsthand knowledge of the technical factors most likely to influence the validity of a patent and its potential use in the marketplace.

Among other things, our experts:

  • Work in conjunction with inside or outside counsel
  • Assist in choosing which aspects of an invention are most patentable
  • Assist in drafting claims and choosing suitable claim language
  • Investigate prior art and other invalidity issues
  • Assess the likelihood that a product or service may be infringing upon another party’s patent
  • Determine whether a patent under purchase consideration is potentially valuable
  • Write claim charts demonstrating product infringement, for use in starting licensing negotiations

For more information on how Prolifogy can assist your organization on evaluating its patent portfolio, contact us now via our web site or call us at (855) 776-5436 and ask about our patent advisory services.