Expert Witness

Prolifogy’s software technology experts not only provide world-class software consulting services, but they also serve as expert witnesses in intellectual property matters heard by the ITC and district courts. We offer subject matter experts in software technology with varying levels of legal and expert witness experience to suit the needs and budget of almost any case. Regardless of the level of legal experience, our experts are trained in the fundamentals of litigation, particularly relating to intellectual property matters.

We are not an expert witness referral service and therefore do not mark up rates for a commission. We have our own staff of experts who we know and work with on a regular basis in both legal and non-legal capacities. Rates are generally based on level of subject matter expertise and past legal experience and testimony. We also offer code analysis experts who can either testify themselves or support another testifying expert.

Some of the cases we’ve previously worked on involve software-related contractual disputes, copyright infringement, patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and software-related criminal cases. The technologies involved have included consumer entertainment equipment, wireless phones, mobile phones and back-end equipment, telemarketing applications, websites, and telecommunications.

Prolifogy offers many advantages:

  • We can provide one or many expert witnesses.
  • Short notice is not a problem, and we can offer immediate availability in many cases.
  • We are a one-stop shop for all expert witness and code analysis needs
  • We know, work with, and train all of our experts.
  • We are not a referral service and do not mark up rates like expert witness referral services do.
  • Tiered and flexible pricing arrangements are available. Rates vary based on past testimony experience and level of expertise.

For more information, please contact us at (855) 776-5436 and ask for our expert witness services.