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When your business needs call for very specialized knowledge in cutting-edge technology areas, Prolifogy’s staff of industry-leading experts can help. Our experts can:

  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing team to solve critical business issues
  • Provide guidance to your management team on your organization’s technology strategy
  • Help you intelligently decide which technologies are best suited to solving your specific business problems
  • Deliver fully customized training in technology areas specific to your business
  • Evaluate and report on your organization’s current operations
  • Valuate and rank intellectual property portfolios and assist in litigation as expert witnesses

Many software consulting firms have so-called “experts” with a few years’ experience using certain technologies. We, on the other hand, invent the technology. We have world-class expertise in a number of software-related fields that most other software firms don’t have, including software design, embedded systems, real-time systems, programming languages, graphics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, speech technologies, databases, machine learning, security, and reverse engineering. Our list of competencies is always changing and expanding. Contact us for additional information on subject matter areas currently being offered.

All of our consulting experts are industry veterans who have made notable contributions to their respective fields and have decades of practical, hands-on experience. Most are Ph.D.s, authors, creators of patented inventions, college professors, and/or expert witnesses in highly visible cases. Both our credentials and capabilities far exceed what you will find elsewhere in the software industry. Moreover, the caliber of talent offered by Prolifogy is virtually inaccessible outside of research, government, and academic circles. With a single phone call, however, we can be working with you.

To get started, contact us now via our web site or call us at (855) 776-5436 and ask about how our experts can help you.