Project Management

Projects are only as good as the people who manage them.

That’s why Prolifogy offers project management and team leadership services to serve a number of needs. We can:

  • Manage projects on-site or off-site
  • Manage outsourced project(s) on your behalf
  • Supplement in-house project management during peak periods
  • Quickly replace outgoing project managers
  • Manage multiple teams and multiple locations
  • Coordinate between technical and non-technical parties
  • Communicate with customers, management, and other stakeholders
  • Adapt to fit your organization’s culture and managerial style

We can assist your organization with budgeting, projecting resources and costs, identifying and filling skill gaps, interviewing team candidates, and making recommendations on processes or tools to use. We also evaluate work quality, conduct code reviews, host team meetings, and perform all of the normal functions of a project manager, team lead, or technical lead. We can quickly and seamlessly scale up or scale down our level of involvement in your project(s), depending on your business needs.

To learn more about how Prolifogy can assist your organization, contact us now via our web site or call us at (855) 776-5436 and ask about our project management services.