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What Makes Our Code Review Unique

  • Posted on 20 Aug 2017
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You likely already know that code review is an essential step to take before your company releases its software to the public. (And if you don’t, check out these six reasons why code review is so important.) But you may think that you can simply run a check with an automatic code review tool, either within the integrated development environment (IDE) as the code is being written or outside of it. That’s a mistake—here’s why.

Automatic code review is extremely limited.

Automatic code review tools are similar to Microsoft Word’s grammar and spell check. They may catch surface-level errors—such as improper coding patterns, code duplication, or useless statements—but they can’t reveal the full scope of problems that could occur within your software’s code. For example, just as Word’s spell checker can’t detect foundational issues with story continuity or a piece of writing’s core argument, automatic code review tools can’t identify major problems with your software’s architecture.

Additionally, automatic code review tools cannot determine whether your software’s code is designed for scalability and extensibility, for example. At some point in the future, your company may want or need to add new features, or your application load may increase significantly thanks to higher web traffic, user count, or memory needs. Automatic code review tools cannot analyze whether your software is set up to handle any particular scalability or extensibility scenario.

To truly ensure that your software is error-free, structurally sound, and scalable, a deep and all-encompassing code review is imperative—and this type of review can only be conducted by humans.

That’s where Prolifogy’s code review service is different. All of our code reviews are conducted by code experts who are well-versed in a variety of programming languages, including (but not limited to) C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, and PHP. They analyze software systems of all types and sizes, and they identify and study the code patterns that can’t be detected by automatic tools. This includes inspection and review to ensure proper software design, structure, security, and performance; correct logic and code; scalability and extensibility; and many other metrics.

In short, Prolifogy’s code review service makes sure that your software’s code is written so that your program does what it’s supposed to do.

To get started or to learn more about our code review services, call 855-PROLIFOGY (776-5436) or use our Contact form.

Are you an attorney looking for a code review as part of an intellectual property matter? Prolifogy can help. For more details, visit ourlegal code review page.