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Prolifogy is a prominent software and consulting firm headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut. One of its key service offerings is software consulting, which is handled by Prolifogy’s team of world-class experts.

Whether you need additional staffing help to complete a project on deadline, or instruction to bridge technical competency gaps among your staff, or guidance about how to incorporate new (and constantly evolving) technology into your organization, Prolifogy can assist. When consulting on software issues with your business, Prolifogy learns your procedures, uses your tools, and works within your time frame and location needs so that partnership is a smooth process.

Prolifogy’s software consulting service options include code or application quality review, project management, failed project turnaround, customized training, outsourcing oversight, and research as a service. And, finally, Prolifogy’s team of world-class experts also offer subject matter expertise and technology advisory services on a wide range of topics, such as machine learning, big data, expert systems, cloud computing, graphics, computer vision, web technology, programming languages, and formal methods. For more information, visit or call (855) 776-5436.

Meet Our Software Industry Veterans

Prolifogy’s team of experts are industry-leading, internationally recognized experts who have decades of education and practical experience, are invited to work at Prolifogy by invitation only, and are actively pursuing the betterment of their field through research, teaching, or other professional endeavors. Included among the staff are authors, speakers, inventors of patented technology, researchers, university professors, expert witnesses, and contributors to technology standards.