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Regardless of what product or service your business sells, chances are it relies on software technology to succeed. Perhaps you have an idea for a software technology that you wish to explore, but you just don’t have the staff or the budget to employ an R&D team.

Imagine if you could hire the world’s foremost experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, speech, or other related fields to take your company’s product or service to the next level. It’s possible with Prolifogy. The first step of the process is to meet with our team to discuss the issues facing your business and your ideas for solving those problems. We will then:

  1. Help you understand the benefits and limitations of the state-of-the-art software
  2. Tell you what we think is possible with the available time and funding
  3. Perform research to discover how to best solve your problem
  4. Build a prototype
  5. Put together a plan for realizing the invention
  6. Assist you in executing the plan

This breakthrough service gives your organization the ability to conduct R&D activities toward a specific goal without the expense of a full-time, open-ended R&D program. Not only might you come out ahead in the marketplace, but you may also be able to take advantage of the tax breaks offered by many jurisdictions for conducting R&D.

For more information on how Prolifogy can help your organization get ahead in the world of software technology, please call us at (855) 776-5436 and ask about our R&D services.